davidkanemotoWhen I am manic I am in heaven. I feel as if I am above all the games people play, as if televisions sense my thoughts and the way I look; as if radios specifically talk and sing to my own ears; as if newspapers, books and magazines are written for me personally – like letters from a lover. I always want to believe that there is something else besides reality. I know that God exists, or did exist. I want to find him now.



5 thoughts on “DAVID KANEMOTO, CLIENT”

  1. David, I like your words also. No one knows if there is something beyond reality. Reality is (in any case) the only thing we know. Even our thoughts are a reality, they are real thoughts. In my opinion it is important to accept mental illness as a manifestation of – our – reality, because otherwise there is no way to deal with it. Lisa photographed you, as you are, in your situation. A German teacher for photography said: “It is important to depict people as you know them AND how they see themselves. Sounds simple, but isn´t. Because you have to link the self-image of the person you are photographing with your own artistic creativity.” – Lisa´s photos, in a very respectful style, create even more than that. They are also a way to deal with your mental illness, and also to deal with mental illness as a reality of our society. You are the reason for it. – Thus the pictures she took of you and of other people who are suffering from mental illness are a very special legacy.


  2. Through times of good and not, we must remember that images of our current state/stage should be also documented because – simply – this is US, and this is how WE are now. To not document it in words, thoughts, images, and stages would be a lie to ourselves, and that would be the biggest illness we can subject ourselves with.

    David, you are not alone. You are remembered for who you were, and who you are now. Remembrance can be a Dream, but many people dream….


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