David I want you to know there is more to life than concentrating to stay out of hospitals – I want you to know that your SELF wasn’t drowned by your illness and you can recover all that makes you special. Most of all I want you to know you are not alone. – Mom

LISA KANEMOTO devotes her passion to the homeless of Pacific Beach, while she completes Final Season of my Life, reflecting on experiences. Concerned with social justice she has been documenting stigmatized groups such as the mentally ill, drug addicts, ethnic minorities, gays, the homeless and needy. In 1984 she published We Are, a documentary monograph about San Francisco’s gay community. The project Against all Odds became a travel exhibition, it focuses on the stigma attached to mental illness. Dark Mirror was published in 1997. It is her self- analysis in photographs, surveying her life. A verse play ” Lisa’s Dark Mirrors” is produced by the poet Stephen Tuba.  Her work has been exhibited and collected internationally.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. It’s excellent, Lisa. You bring to life a very real struggle in a thoughtful, compassionate and comprehensive way. The testimonies written from various points of view are important to the whole piece, and the photos are compelling. Thank you and congratulations.


  2. I am saddened to read of your son’s departure from normalcy BUT even what is “normal” is truly relative. To accept him as he is now, and not as he was nor should be is difficult, and I applaud your determination, and now your courage in images and words about this condition. Hugs to you all. Please relay to David I wish him well and give him a HUG for me


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