lisa_statementThirty-five years ago, with a sudden onset, David, our handsome, intelligent and promising son was stricken with mental illness. Schizophrenia……it felt like a blow with a sledgehammer when we were given the diagnosis. We could not accept this verdict. We were certain that with our love, our care and the best doctors he was going to be all right. For years we lived in denial, in fear, hope and despair. Helplessly we watched him suffer and wrestle with this most cruel disease of the brain and with the side effects of the potent medicines. We started isolating ourselves from all our friends. We kept the illness a secret. Often my rage against God, fate, indifferent psychiatrists, bureaucracy and a flawed system kept me only an arm length away from leashing out at unfairness. My heart is shredded, but my burden has become more bearable since I was led to the Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Here I find enormous support, much needed education and the fighting spirit to turn my sorrow into advocacy.


5 thoughts on “LISA KANEMOTO, PARENT”

  1. Lisa, this project is so beautiful and moving.  What a gift to David and all who are mentally ill.  I thank you for sharing David’s story from the beginning ’til now.  Not many who are not touched directly by this
    illness can follow a timeline of its development and I know that it’s been devastating for you and the family.  I just wish this project could be made public in the form of a book to document the experience of
    this disease.  Your beautiful portraits go a long way to add dignity to those who feel they have lost it and to those who support them.  I will share this blog with 2 other good friends, one a psychiatrist and the 
    other a therapist.  I know they will be deeply touched.

    Congratulations and much love,   Sue


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